Exbega Gambling


The "gambling" ecosystem solution for players

ALL-IN-ONE Casino & Gambling Plattform

Currently the platform is only playable with the cryptocurrency TRX. However, in the next step, we will apply for a license in Curacao so that we can also get players who prefer to play with other currencies on our multi-currency platform.


Exbega Gambling


The "gambling" ecosystem solution for players

ALL-IN-ONE Casino & Gambling Plattform

Currently the platform is only playable with the cryptocurrency TRX. However, in the next step, we will apply for a license in Curacao so that we can also get players who prefer to play with other currencies on our multi-currency platform.


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What is Exbega


Exbega stands for Exchange-Betting-Gambling.

Exbega is a project that, unlike many of our competitors, has already a live casino that allows our clients to play many games online and enjoy the safe and secure online casino experience, one of the best instant cryptocurrency exchange platform with the best exchange rates. Exbega is a built-on trust partnership deploying the most effective and most reliable technologies. The Exbega team promotes a culture of highest levels of transparency and works 24/7 to implement a unique and innovative project in a sustainable and reliable way.

The name says it all: EXBEGA combines a cryptocurrency exchange with sports betting and casino games — everything from a single source. The project is built on the basis of the revolutionary blockchain technology. Exbega is a highly sustainable blockchain-based ecosystem.

* Take a look at our Roadmap

What is Trosino

We have developed 2 products for the gambling industry


We are striving to become one of the top online payment ecosystem platforms for players. In the nearest future, our players will use the Exbega Prepaid Card and IBAN account to deposit and withdraw winnings on our online platform!

* Take a look at our Roadmap

2. our casino platform:

Currently only TRX cryptocurrency is utilized for payments on the platform. Our next step is to apply for a license in Curacao so that we will be able to onboard players who prefer to play with other currencies on our multi-currency platform. Sports betting and virtual Live Games will also be available at this stage.




Our Goal is to be the best and easiest platform which offer a complete ecosystem for the players.
What makes us different from other platforms:

*according to our research, information without guarantee!

Exbega Bwin win2day Admiral mr.green
Casino €
Planned Q4 2020
Sports betting
Planned Q4 2020
Live Games (Roulette, Blackjack etc.)
Planned Q4 2020
Cryptocurrency Casino - playing games directly with coins
Purchase of game credits with cryptocurrencies
Own Mastercard for deposits and withdrawals
Slot games in different currencies
Complete specially branded games for partnered companies
Voucher sales online
Voucher sales in Sports Bars
Planned Q4 2020
Blockchain based lottery
Planned Q4 2020
Blockchain based scratch cards
Planned Q4 2020
One Time Card Play without registration



  • Logo
  • Very Low deposits fees
  • Deposits within minutes
  • Anonymous playing made possible
  • No problems with banks if player win high amounts
  • Winnings can be on your Mastercard or Wallet after only a few minutes
  • Profit distributions are transparent
  • Deposits are very exepensive
  • Deposits took long depending on the payment provider
  • Anonymous playing impossible (KYC for cashout)
  • Bank accounts can be blocked when paying out higher winnings
  • The payout of the winnings takes a long time
  • Profit distributions are not transparent

The Solution

We offer the player a complete ecosystem:

Solution 1

A simple deposit option using a voucher or crypto currency

Solution 2

A Mastercard/VISA to withdraw the winnings quickly and easily

Solution 3

Transparent and secure deposit and withdrawal, top-up and winnings

Solution 4

An exchange office that is linked to partner platforms

Solution 5

An online casino that is completely playable with cryptocurrencies and in near future in a multi currency solution.

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Succesful Tokensale 2019



Crypto Trading – cooperation with an Austrian Trading Expert Company

More informations


All in One Casino & Gambling Platforms


We enable our players to easily buy and sell crypto currencies. TRX Exchange will also be the first exchange where the Exbega token is listed.

Cooperation with OTON Market

Cooperation with OTON Market


  • The goal is to create one of the the first decentralized ecosystem
  • The union of affiliated companies, network companies, distributors, product distributors, pro• ducers, developers, partners and customers in a common, open and decentralized network
  • The "central" link in the ecosystem will be the marketplace. A trading room that connects people
  • When registering, a unique address is created in the database for each user and the complete history is saved
  • There are more then 200,000 members!
  • The user does not have to register again making it an easy process
  • Handshake - User can log into TRX Exchange with OTON access
  • OTON users will be able to exchange their OTON in to EUR on TRX Exchange and load EUR with one click to a debit card or personal bank account



In order to quickly onboard more users we need capital to start marketing activities and to expand our product lines.

We are going to expand the following product lines:

  • For Cryptocasino (Trosino) we are going to fully license sports betting and other games in Curacao.
  • The biggest advantage for players is to make EUR or multi currency deposits. It will make it much easier for players to play!
  • For the clients we are going to expand our card program by opening personal IBAN accounts with higher limits. Personal IBAN gives an opportunity to provide “standard e-banking services” and to setup standing orders.
  • IOS and Android mobile applications will be available for our clients.

Exbega Utility Token

Utility Token:

The next step is to use this token for transactions, voting, discounts and in the final stage as a classic game token on different partner platforms.

Available tokens:



When is the Exbega going to be on an exchange?

We have arrangements list the token on TRX Exchange and other Exchanges

The deadline for the listing is the Q2 2021 through our cooperation’s with several Exchanges. Trx.exchange has agreed in advance to list the token. The exact listing date will be announced in Q4 2020.

How can you use the XBE

How can you use the XBE?

The XBE Token can be used in the future as follows:

For the reduction of fees on the TRX Exchange As a game token at Trosino As a game token at Trosino

Exbega Token (XBE) is the native digital token which powers every aspect of the Exbega gaming ecosystem. The EXBEGA Casino also works with BTC and TRX, so you don’t have to purchase XBE tokens to play on the platform.

However, XBE holders get exclusive prices, such as discount on special games and betting options, special bonuses such as free lotteries and in some special Deals or games cashback on all of their losses (example: Poker), which are paid back directly on their accounts at the end of each month!


Exbega Shareholder Token

30% of all profits from the projects in the EXBEGA Ecosystem are assigned to the XBE-S Shareholder Token. This will be expanded in several steps. The goal is to create a company for all XBE-S owners to ensure that all legal requirements are met.

Shareholder Token:

This token can be exchanged to “company shares“.

Available tokens:



Trosino Pool

Trosino Pool


Contract Agreement

Token Distribution

30% of all profits of every project will go into the new company in Malta

Token Distribution
Token Distribution Percentage
Token Distribution


What happens with the money?



What happens with the money?

Investment Percentage


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